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Functional medicine shifts the traditional disease-focused approach towards a patient-centered approach. Functional medicine is also both preventative and individualized. When treating chronic disease, functional practitioners acknowledge a patient’s biochemical individuality and involve patients in their healthcare plan. This gives the patient more power and control of their own health. Functional practitioners recognize the importance of not only drug treatments, but dietary, lifestyle, emotional, and social impacts on health and disease. This approach values the long-term health of the whole person.

Children’s Health

At Denver Integrative Health, we welcome children of all ages and treat those suffering from common acute illnesses or chronic disease. Ensuring that your child has optimal health is the first step towards decreasing the risk of chronic disease, and protecting their well being into adulthood. Integrative and functional children’s medicine involves taking a holistic look at the child’s environment, genetics, diet and allergies. Rather than conventional medicine’s disease centered approach, Denver Integrative Health uses a patient centered focus to assess the best treatment plans for children, addressing the underlying causes of chronic illness, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Core Principles

  • We focus on treating the underlying cause of disease, taking into consideration the factors that can inhibit a person’s ability to live a healthy life.
  • We view the body as one whole integrated system, rather than a collection of independently operating organs..
  • We treat preventatively and not just your current symptoms.
  • We base our diagnostic tools and treatment protocols on the latest research available.
  • We treat both the mind and the body.
  • We treat our patients as partners in attaining their health goals.


I reached out to Nina a few months ago to help my son and my family. We were desperate and needed things to change. My son has sensory processing disorder. We had been having some big challenges with him at home. He was aggressive and angry all the time, lashing out at us, hitting and yelling for seemingly no reason. We were walking on eggshells constantly.

Molly L

I met Nina in March 2019 through a reference. I had no idea what to expect but at that point in my life I was a hot mess and was just hoping for relief.. I had been on a horrible journey of what I now know to be hormonal imbalances and a slew of other issues.

Bette C

Nina was introduced to me through a friend a couple of years ago as a last-ditch attempt to get some answers to some medical and health issues that my primary care physician and other referred specialist were completely stumped by. Not only were these other doctors misdiagnosing my ailments, they were also mistreating them as well, which led to a negative compounding effect to my initial symptoms.

Brian P
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